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About Our Solutions

Virtual Home Office (VHO)

As an early-stage franchisor, quality records and customer service are essential to your success.  However, these services cost money you may not have.

We have a solution called the fractional Virtual Home Office where we can cut your cost to provide these services by at least 66%.  Hot the Learn More button and take advantage of our FREE Discovery Call. 

About Our Solutions

Franchise Tune Up

We help existing Franchisors who have not yet achieved ten (10) franchise units sold or have not sold a franchise in the last 12 months to develop new go-to-market strategies.

Based on diagnostics of the franchise offer, competitive and other analyses, and marketing approach our subject matter experts to recommend new strategies to get your franchise concept growing again.  Also, see Franchise Sales Management.

About Our Solutions

Sales Management & Brokerage

At CFS, we can be your outsourced Franchise Sales Manager (aka Brand Manager) and close sales and manage franchise brokers and consultants for you.

Our 7-Call Protocol has resulted in hundreds of franchise, that a fully compliant and produce qualified franchisees. 

Helping Franchisors and Franchise Buyers
Create Wealth Through Franchising

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Veteran-Owned Business

As a veteran myself, I am always wanting to help those who have served. Recently I spoke at the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) Business

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